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Vegan vegetable broth

Very easily: Vegetables + water = vegetable broth! Powdered vegetables belong to the past. It is really so easy to set homemade vegetable broth - we have one Great recipe for you. We also give you an insight into how variable the Vegan vegetable broth applicable is and what kind of one Nutrient booster she can be.

Our recipe for you: vegan vegetable broth

Our Vegan vegetable broth Among other things, with carrot, celery and leek is yours optimalJuice cure companion. the 100% natural vegetable brothGet with you during the juice cureElectrolytes and Warm you from the inside out of here. In this blog post, you will find out which ingredients you need exactly and how you can easily prepare the vegetable broth. At the end of this recipe you will find the recipe video with our cook Michi!

Preparation: 10 min.

Preparation: 30 min.

Total time: 40 min.

Kitchen/origin: regional

Ingredients (4 portions):

610ml of water

1 onion

2 carrot

1 rod leek

½ celery tuber

3 bay leaves

Juniper berries

1 BUND Krause Petersilie

Pepper salt

1 teaspoon oil



  1. First cut the leek into slices and chop the onion finely
  2. Wash the celery and the carrots and cut them into small slices
  3. Put the oil in a saucepan and heat it
  4. Add the onion and vegetables and sweat it in the oil
  5. Wash and Schwenke the parsley and then cut it fine
  6. Put the parsley together with the bay leaves and the juniper berries in the pot
  7. Cook the soup up for about 25 minutes
  8. Taste with pepper and salt
  9. Top and serve with cress

Tip: If you already salt the vegetables slightly when sweating, more vegetable juice will run out and your soup will become even stronger.

Nutritional values ​​(per serving):

40.7 kcal

6.13g of carbohydrates

1.83g protein

0.3g fat

Recipe video:   

No matter whether with complete vegetables or "waste" of the vegetables - so varied is vegan vegetable broth

In our recipe we have the Vegan vegetable broth with the Complete & fresh vegetables did. However, alternatively even the Waste of the vegetables Therefore. So you can now Collect the potato, onion and carrot shells, etc. in a lockable bag in the fridge And as soon as you have about 3 handful of it, you can just as well start your broth. You can also do the Freeze vegetable broth in ice cube containers, so that you can fall back on them at any time. If you use complete vegetables, you can ultimately consume the rest of the vegetables and conjure up a delicious vegetable puree. To do this, stamp the vegetables and mix the mass with a little soy milk and vegan butter. Then season with a little salt and pepper - already done!

You can also use the vegan vegetable broth as Basis for all other soup or sauces use. Also for Pour for quinoa, rice, amaranth and Co. it is ideal.

Extra dortation nutrients

By simmering your selected different types of vegetables, the nutrients contained thereby dissolve and form the core of the nourishing effect the broth. For example, you can add ginger, turmeric or combination, which enables you to further increase the nutrient value of your vegetable broth. So you also supply your body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The above -mentioned ingredients increases, for example, the concentration of vitamin A and C, but also potassium, calcium and iodine in your vegan vegetable broth.

The vegan vegetable broth can strengthen your immune system

Especially in the cold season you can Optimally support and strengthen the immune system with vegetable broth. In the event of fatigue, energy and an ongoing cold, you can invigorating and strong effect Feel a vegetable broth directly. In general, you should pay attention to your body and not do without important nutrients and vitamins. We at LiveFresh produce juices and shots with function - start now with yours Juice cure. the vegan Vegetable brothMeanwhile take care of youElectrolytes and Can therefore be possible Avoid.

Frequently asked questions about vegan vegetable broth:

Why isn't vegetable broth vegan?

When it comes to vegetable broth, you should always look twice-according to the food labeling regulation, the aromas are added in the directory of the ingredients as "aroma", e.g. with the name "natural aroma". However, natural flavors are not only more vegetable, but can also be of animal origin. Instant vegetable broth can therefore contain animal aroma substances, the same Applies to other finished products such as tütens soups. So try our vegan recipe!

How harmful is vegetable broth?

Unfortunately, vegetable broth can also be unhealthy if you buy them in the supermarket and don't take a look at the list of ingredients. Despite the name, there is often little vegetables in the broth, enormous amount of salt and flavor enhancers such as sugar or glutamate. Cooking Your vegan vegetable broth best best even, This will definitely know which delicious and healthy ingredients are in it.

Is it contained in vegetable broth?

Certificate broth available in stores can contain traces of gluten. You can easily make gluten -free vegetable broth yourself. The advantage: it is fresh, tastes delicious and is free of additives.

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