Vegan abnehmen: Unsere Tipps für vegane Ernährung

Lose weight vegan: Our tips for a vegan diet

More and more people are eating a vegan diet - i.e. without animal-based foods. But contrary to many opinions, a vegan diet is not automatically healthier. We'll tell you useful tips on how you can lose weight in a healthy and sustainable vegan way.

Can you lose weight vegan?

A vegan diet does not automatically make you slim. Because even vegan foods include convenience products, junk food, potato chips, sweets and the like. If you want to lose weight on a vegan diet, it is therefore up to you to choose healthy foods.

But: A vegan diet is an excellent basis for losing weight. Plant-based foods are often rich in fiber, vitamins, micronutrients and high-quality amino and fatty acids. Vegetables in particular are low in calories despite their high volume. With the right choice of ingredients, you can therefore eat a balanced and nutritious diet with a vegan diet. If you also eat with a calorie deficit, you can lose weight effectively and, above all, healthily.

Lose weight vegan: How does it work?

  • Lose weight vegan with a calorie deficitTo lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you consume. The calorie deficit is therefore always the basis for successfully losing weight. With our calorie calculator you can calculate your calorie requirements free of charge and easily determine your individual deficit. Or you can try it with our ready-made food cleanse for 7, 14 or 21 days - all dishes are 100% vegan and sustainable.
  • Lose weight vegan with sufficient proteinIf you want to lose weight, it is crucial to eat enough protein. This prevents your muscles from breaking down. With a vegan diet, choosing protein-rich foods can often be a challenge. With the vegan dishes of our food cleanse you can easily cover your protein requirements - all meals are low carb and high protein.
  • Lose weight vegan with exercise in everyday lifeSport and exercise not only help you lose weight, they are also good for your health. Calories are burned, muscles are strengthened and the body is toned. Decide for yourself which type of sport suits you best. It is usually enough to simply do a little more exercise into your everyday life into your daily routine. For example, you can go for a walk after work or take the stairs more often instead of the escalator.

Losing weight on a vegan diet: what you should bear in mind

A vegan diet is not only suitable for losing weight, but, in combination with regular exercise, is the starting signal for a long-term healthy lifestyle in the long term. The following eight tips will help you, achieve your feel-good weight in the long term with a balanced plant-based diet.

#1 A vegan diet is not automatically healthy

There are a whole host of myths surrounding the topic of vegan nutrition. The myth that a plant-based diet is automatically healthy is persistent, but it is not true. Only a balanced vegan diet is good for your health. However, it is true that vegan food and snacks with a high protein content often keep you full for longer. The This makes it easier to lose weight. You can find more information on this topic in our Instagram reel.

#2 You don't have to starve

Instead of issuing strict prohibitions, you should rather reach for healthy and tasty alternatives - The options are many and varied. Instead of unhealthy snacks such as chocolate or potato chips, you could eat nuts, rice cakes or sweet berries.

#3 Eat plenty of protein

Above all protein plays an important role during a dietto maintain muscle mass. However, many people misjudge portion sizes and eat too little protein. You need around 1g protein per kilo of body weight. You can simply weigh your favorite protein sources like legumes and plant-based meat alternatives once to see how much a serving is. This way you can make sure you're getting your protein requirements for vegan weight loss cover your protein needs.

#4 Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water is also part of a healthy diet. We recommend at least 2.5-3 liters of water a day a day. Choose tap water (optionally spiced up with fresh fruit or mint) or unsweetened tea to avoid consuming unnecessary calories. It also often happens that confuse thirst with hunger that this cannot happen to you.

#5 Fresh ingredients & healthy fats

Use the freshest possible ingredients when cooking. Vegetables, fruit, pulses, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices offer the full nutritional spectrum in the vegan world. The more natural the ingredients, the better. Also use healthy fats such as olive oil, linseed oil, algae oil or coconut oil for frying. These contain essential fatty acidswhich are needed for many processes in your body.

#6 Cover nutrient requirements

No matter what diet you are on - Health should always come first. Only with all the necessary nutrients can a vegan diet bring long-term success without the yo-yo effect or even health problems. The LiveFresh food cleanse despite the significant calorie deficit and the low-calorie meals perfectly tailored to the body. Weight is lost during the cure in accordance with dietary guidelines for weight-controlling nutrition. Nutritional values such as calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates are optimally balanced and precisely calculated. More than 26 vitamins and minerals provide your body with everything it needs. Particularly noteworthy here is the vitamin B12 - which plays an important role for vegans. During the food cleanse you must therefore no dietary supplements supplements.

Find out more about covering your nutrient requirements in our Instagram reel. Would you like to know which foods meet the nutritional requirements of vegans? Then take a look at the following reel >> Cover vegan nutrient requirements <<

#7 Plan solid meals

When losing weight vegan, try to Plan 3 regular meals per day and take 4-5 hour breaks between mealsso that your blood sugar level can regulate itself. Foods such as sugary snacks quickly upset the blood sugar level and insulin is released - when it drops, this leads to even more hunger and there is a risk of food cravings. The easiest way is to follow our food cleanse with included diet plan included. In it you will find a precise daily plan with all fixed meals.

#8 Exercise, fitness, sport

Exercise is not only healthy, it also puts you in a good mood. The muscles burn extra calories and the and losing weight is easier. But losing weight is also possible without sweaty sports. Most of the time it is enough, to incorporate some moderate exercise into your daily routine.

Frequently asked questions about vegan weight loss:

Are you thinner as a vegan?

In fact, vegans often have a lower body mass index. This may be due to the fact that plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables and pulses are generally less calories than meat and dairy products. In addition, vegans usually take a closer look at their diet, which means that they often automatically more conscious and healthier and healthier.

Where can I find vegan recipes to lose weight?

There are plenty of vegan recipes on the Internet. However, if you are looking for delicious recipe ideas to help you lose weight after the food cleanse supportthen you are on our News & Juice Blog just right. Here you will find vegan recipeslow calorie, high protein and low carb. Perfect for getting started on a healthy diet.

What to eat in the evening to lose weight vegan?

So that you can lose weight vegan, you should avoid carbohydrate-rich foods - especially in the evening. It is best to replace bread, pasta, rice and other foods with lots of carbohydrates with Vegetables and low carb products. On our blog and on Instagram you can find delicious recipes for a healthy and vegan snack in the evening.

Can you lose weight on a vegan diet?

If you keep a few things in mind, a vegan diet is ideal for losing weight. Especially if you aim for a permanent change in diet and take a close look at your eating habits, you can achieve long-term success and reach your feel-good weight.

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