Mehr als nur motiviert - wie Du Ziele setzen und erreichen kannst

More than just motivated - how you can set and achieve goals

Everyone is talking about the year, especially at the turn of the year: goals, good intentions and motivation. They are that make the season so special for many people. Maybe you would finally like to look forward to your desired weight. Stop smoking. Or eat healthier. However, you will not surprise you: as big as the motivation is at the end of the year, the perseverance is small. Most people cannot implement their good intentions or only for a short time.

Maybe you felt that way in the past. Don't worry: you are in good company. At the same time, this knowledge will not bring you anything if you finally want to achieve your goals. And not only in the first few days of a new year. So how can you successfully implement your resolutions in the long term? Here you can find out.

Make it easy for yourself and handle smart

No matter whether small or large - you can achieve a goal by starting it smartly. So you don't rush anything, but prepare the implementation. You can use the proven formula to George T. Doran. He defined the criteria of the world-famous smart rule, which should make every goal accessible.

  1. SPecific,
  2. Medible,
  3. Attractive,
  4. Realistic and
  5. Tenamelable

are the properties of a smart goal. If you bring all of them into your actions, your success is foreseeable. What exactly do the individual characteristics mean?

Specific Is a resolution if you can name it exactly. For example, that would be to eat vegetables or fruits at least 1 times or at least 10,000 steps a day every day. Without a concrete definition, it is more difficult to achieve a goal in the long term. Through the MeasurableA resolution becomes tangible. For example, a goal of weekly 3 vegan dishes that you want to cook would be measurable. You can also do sports 3 times a week in the next 4 months. A specific number gives you a measurable goal. The project should also attractive be so that you can achieve it and want to achieve it yourself. No goal should be set just because others expect it from you. It should be attractive for you! Is also the goal too realistic? Ask yourself: Can you prepare a purely vegetable dish for you 3 times a week? Can you do sports 3 times a week? If so, it is a realizable intent. If you already suspect in advance that you will not be able to do sports 5 times a week, sit 3 days as a resolution, because you can still increase yourself. Finally, sit down a date or an appointment until you want to implement your intentions - schedule So your project. So you can achieve it much more likely. Do you want to learn yoga? Then sit down a personal appointment until you want to register for a course.

So you see: With the smart formula, you can implement important changes for you. The individual characteristics serve as a helpful orientation - regardless of whether your goal is larger or smaller.

So you start to set goals with heads

With a view to the smart formula, you may be wondering: If it is so simple, why do so many people fail because of their objectives? There are multiple reasons for that. However, one of them is always: they take too much at once. So you not only want to lose weight or eat healthier, but also stop smoking. You may be able to strive for these many sub -goals over a short period of time. At some point, however, the moment comes when you reach for the cigarette box or order a pizza from the favorite Italian.

So what? After this step backwards, all too often the idea begins that it was with the goal. Now the pendulum swings in the opposite direction: it is feastly feasted, no more sport is practiced and as much as smoked as before the good resolution. It is clear that no goal can be achieved. But how can you not only make real change, but also establish it?

Proceed in small steps. If you want to train twice a week from now on, only change that in your everyday life. Place on the power of the routine. After about 66 days, weekly training should have become a habit. Habits are characterized by the fact that you follow them without thinking. So you no longer think about: should you train now? Rather, it is a matter of course for you. If you have established a routine, you can set a new goal. So you go before you could reach all the resolutions. However, be aware that failures will always be part of your success. So always keep an eye on your way, especially in difficult times.

Being permanently motivated is no coincidence

Every path starts with the first step. So not only focus on your big vision, but consciously perceive each of your partial successes. An example: You want to lose five kilos within the next three months. You have changed your diet and your sports program accordingly. Every day counts in order to stay permanently motivated. So you are happy that you have trained again today and eat it healthy. This procedure offers several advantages: you don't overwhelm yourself. A big goal often looks like it was difficult to achieve it. Small sub -goals, on the other hand, are much easier to use. After all, you can do sports today, eat the apple and do without the piece of cake.

In terms of permanent staying on the ball, another point is also essential: your intent must be realistic, but also challenge you at the same time. So it would certainly be realistic to lose five kilograms within the next five years. However, this is motivating for very few. Therefore, always think about how you are demanding your goal but not overwhelming. This also helps you to stay on the ball permanently.

That's why you need small and large goals

Goals serve as orientation. They are like the light at the end of a tunnel. If you see it in front of you, you know the way. Without a plan you are wrong in the dark. It does not matter whether your intentions are large or small. What matters is your personal goal. A positive side effect is not only the feeling when you finally arrive at the end of your trip. The way is already worth your goal. Imagine this:

Many people live into the day. They can be influenced by their surroundings and often do not know what their dreams are. Do you have a vision at all? So they spend every day without arriving anywhere. No question: a haphazard life is really fulfilled. It is missing why as a drive. In contrast, if you have certain goals, you enjoy your time more consciously. You recognize a meaning in your actions. That doesn't just make you happier. Your self -esteem also increases. You recognize your own value and that of your life. Therefore, every person should set goals. For yourself, but also for your own environment. A inspired person is finally infected. Good mood doubles when you share them.

Good resolutions? Quality before quantity!

Have you decided to tackle your goal? In this case, you probably ask yourself: is a resolution or should you tackle several individual goals at the same time? Many people fail because they overwhelm themselves with their own planning. You want too much in too short time. Therefore, you should always rely on quality before quantity. So make up for a thing that you want to change next. If you could achieve this, focus on the next goal. So you can gradually realize every intention. However, you don't run out of breath. Rather, you focus on the clear focus. Sightness should not be missing. This means that you can do it permanently. That is what ultimately counts:

Having nicely sounding resolutions is one thing. Really tackling them is the actual performance. Therefore, consider a goal that you can reach within a certain period of time. However, you don't take the first step tomorrow or next week. Start immediately after you have chosen a intent. You know the saying for sure: the hardest is the first step. If you have it behind you, motivation is your new sparring partner. The same applies to your smart planning.

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