Kaffee beim Fasten – Die Tabus einer Saftkur

Coffee while fasting - The taboos of a juice cleanse

In everyday life, we are all too happy to turn to luxury foods such as coffee, sugar, chocolate, alcohol or nicotineto recharge our batteries or recover from stressful periods. Coffee in the early morning wakes us up and makes us feel ready for the day. So why is it so important to give up certain stimulants such as coffee when fasting? We'll tell you in this article.

Coffee during juice fasting - yes or no?

Coffee machine on and the day can begin - that's probably how many people feel in the morning. However, when fasting - you should whether intermittent fasting or the juice cleanse - rather refrain from drinking coffee.

Basically, it depends on how you drink your coffee - black or preferably with milk and sugar. While milk and sugar are not recommended during a juice cleanse are absolutely taboo, there is not much to be said against a cup of black coffee. Nevertheless, we advise you, during fasting to give up your usual coffee routine. We'll tell you the reasons why now.

Coffee while fasting - pros and cons



Coffee can reduce appetite and counteract the feeling of hunger

Those who see Lent as a conscious time of abstinence should not drink coffee

Coffee can boost the metabolism and circulation

Without coffee in between, you allow your body and intestines a well-deserved break

Without milk and sugar, coffee is relatively low in calories and can be drunk while fasting

Sugar and milk are not allowed during the juice cleanse taboo

Possible headaches due to caffeine withdrawal do not occur

Caffeine has a negative effect on your stress level and your sleep

Coffee can counteract low blood sugar and give the body an energy boost

After fasting, 1 small cup of espresso is usually enough to feel the invigorating effect of caffeine

Why you shouldn't drink coffee while fasting

Even if there are no health concerns with a cup of black coffee a day, you should refrain from drinking it during a juice fast. With a juice cleanse you are consciously putting yourself and your body to the test. During this time, you abstain from solid foods and also leave out all stimulants to give your body a break. You practise mindfulness and get to know your feelings of hunger and satiety in a new way.

The caffeine abstinence associated with the fasting cure is certainly a challenge for your body. But only those who fast properly can achieve the desired positive results:

  • Your body is set to zero and gets the well-deserved break it needs.
  • You will gain a better sense of hunger, satiety and your body.
  • After fasting, it is easier to break bad eating habits and introduce healthier habits.
  • Juice fasting is the ideal way to make a fresh start with a more conscious diet or even lifestyle.

Did you fast before the juice cleanse drank several cups of coffee a day, after the cure, one espresso is usually enough to feel the invigorating effect of the caffeine. Sleep disorders can also disappear into thin air as a result of caffeine withdrawal. And did you know that Caffeine has a negative effect on your stress levels? If your stress levels are permanently high, this can increase your susceptibility to illness. Also the speaks in favor of abstaining from coffee while fasting.

LiveFresh Tip against tiredness in the morning

It's not just coffee that wakes you up in the morning! Have you already tried one of our Shots tried?

  • Ingwer SturmWith lots of vitamin C, it provides a freshness kick in the morning.
  • Kurkuma PowerWith its high vitamin C content, this shot is the perfect companion for your everyday life.
  • Sunshine BerryOur fruity shot covers your daily vitamin D requirement in a natural way.
  • Hey Wach: The cold-pressed1 with natural caffeine from guarana awakens your spirits in the morning.

If you can't do without caffeine, we recommend a cup of green tea instead of coffee. Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine, which is often enough to give you a invigorating effect. This should make it easier for you to give up coffee.

What should I look for in a juice cleanse better do without?

In general, during a juice cleanse only fruit and vegetable juices from LiveFresh as well as water and unsweetened tea. To balance your electrolyte levels, you can also have vegetable broth from time to time. But coffee is not the only stimulant that you should avoid when fasting.

Avoid alcohol

When it comes to alcohol, one thing is clear: Alcohol is not allowed during a juice cleanse absolutely taboo! By abstaining from alcoholic beverages you protect your liverwhich is normally responsible for breaking down alcohol. If you abstain from alcohol for a longer period of time, you may notice positive changes:

  • Your ability to concentrate increases
  • Your complexion refines
  • Your blood pressure drops
  • Sleep disorders can improve

Abstain from nicotine

It should be no news that smoking is harmful to your health. Would you like to quit during the juice cleanse want to do without any toxins, it is also important not to smoke cigarettes. In this way, you give your body and above all your lungs a break from nicotine and give them the opportunity to regenerate.

  • Your blood pressure and heart rate will neutralize
  • Your blood circulation is stimulated
  • Your sense of smell and taste improves
  • Your lungs regenerate
  • Your condition improves

Omitting nicotine during fasting could Your starting signal for a smoke-free life be!

How can I prepare myself for giving up stimulants?

Of course, you shouldn't give up all these stimulants overnight - for one juice cleanse involves extensive preparation. Due to the major change in diet during this phase, you should avoid hearty meals for a few days before the cure and reduce your consumption of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes on a daily basis.

We explain how you can best prepare for fasting in our blog post: Tips for juice cleanse preparation.


Frequently asked questions about coffee during fasting:

Is drinking coffee allowed during fasting?

Whether intermittent fasting or juice cleanse - fasting is about conscious renunciation. For this reason to avoid stimulants such as coffee, sugar, chocolate, alcohol and nicotineto give your body a well-deserved break. Only those who follow through with fasting and everything that goes with it will achieve the desired positive results for their own health and give their body a break. body completely to zero during this time.

What can you drink when you're fasting?

During a LiveFresh juice cleanse you only eat fruit and vegetable juices and shots. In addition to the juices and shots, it is important during this phase to drink 2.5-3 liters of water and it is allowed, resort to unsweetened teato keep the body hydrated. To provide a little variety, you can also drink a vegetable broth - to balance the electrolyte levels.

What side effects can I expect if I give up caffeine?

During a juice cleansewhere you abstain from solid foods and familiar stimulants such as coffee, may cause side effects in addition to the symptoms of the metabolic change. Typical symptoms include Headaches, aching limbs, dizziness, feeling cold, tiredness and lack of concentration. However, if you know what to expect when fasting and prepare yourself accordingly, it is easier to deal with the symptoms. In addition good preparation makes the changeover easier for the body and you will feel better during the juice cleanse better during the fast. Want to find out more about the side effects of fasting? Then take a look at our blog: juice cleanse Side effects.

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