Guaraná – Natürliches Genussmittel und Kaffee-Ersatz

Guaraná-natural stimulant and coffee replacement

Guaraná has enjoyed steadily growing popularity in the past 20 years. The seeds of the Guaraná plant are primarily estimated by people who care for less the consumption of coffee, but still do not want to do without the effects of caffeine. In this article, we explain to you how the effect of Guraraná actually is, what advantages the plant still brings with it and how we use it at LIVEFRESH.

Guarani - the indigenous people of the Amazon

The Guaraná plant belongs to the family of soap tree plants and was scientifically mentioned for the first time in 1821. Their seeds are red, shining balls, which seem grape -shaped from the foliage. The Guaraná has its name from the indigenous people of the Amazon: the Guarani. These have been using the plant for centuries in the fight against tiredness, hunger and thirst. Today's main growing areas are Paraguay, Venezuela and Brazil.

The Paullinia Cupana - according to its Latin name - has been located in the Amazon basin and has been enjoying increasing popularity for 20 years now. This is because Guaraná is a vegetable, natural stimulant with a high caffeine content and thus represents an excellent alternative to proven caffeine suppliers such as coffee or black tea.

Gentle permanent push and more than just coffee replacement

According to current knowledge, Guaraná is the perfect alternative for people who have a problem with coffee, but cannot and do not want to do without the effects of caffeine. Permanently high coffee consumption leads to irritation of the gastric mucosa. The previous alternative - the black tea - brings with it the disadvantages of black spots on the teeth and an elaborate preparation. Guaraná has the great advantage over the above -mentioned caffeine drinks that the effect develops slower and significantly longer. While the effect of coffee ends after a maximum of one hour, Guaranátrinker can expect an effectiveness of four to six hours. This is due to the high content of Tannin. Tannins are tannins that bind the caffeine and thus delay the absorption in the body, which ultimately leads to a longer effect of the caffeine. With this slow recording due to the bond, Guaraná is also much more tolerated for the gastric mucosa than coffee.

A natural guards

How guarana can be consumed

Guaranásamen have a very bitter, bitter taste. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume this pure. The Guaraná active ingredient is now becoming increasingly common in chocolate, various fruit teas or energy drinks.

Natural energy drink

At LiveFresh we also thought about how we can make Guaraná available to you in a delicious way. The result of our considerations and tests is our juice Hey awake. Here we combine our healthy, cold -pressed orange juice with a guaraná powder containing caffeine directly from the Amazon area.

Our tip:

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