Felix Lobrecht Proteinshake

Felix Lobrecht protein shake

Are you looking for a super tasty protein shake? Then try our protein shake from Felix Lobrecht, the energy source for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This is one of my favorite protein shakes. The frozen banana makes the shake extremely creamy, super tasty and it's also full of protein. Give it a try right away!

Preparation: 2 min.

Preparation: 3 min.

Total time: 5 min. + 12 hours in the fridge

Cuisine/Origin: Regional

Ingredients (1 shake):

1 Leopard banana

70g oat flakes

2 scoops protein powder vanilla (LiveFresh)

3 scoops cinnamon

Drizzle honey

400ml almond milk



  1. First freeze the banana overnight and cut into small pieces the next morning

  2. Now put all the ingredients in a blender and puree

  3. Let it taste good!


Nutritional values (per portion):


58g carbohydrates

35g protein

15g fat

Recipe video:

@daskochduolivefresh Are you Team Leopard Banana or do you also have a Panther Banana in your shake? 🐆 #gesunderezepte #highprotein #proteinshake #felixlobrecht #gemischteshack #daskochuo #livefresh ♬ Ma Chérie - Naïka
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