The orange and its vitamin C - The perfect companion through the winter season

It is becoming increasingly popular and is now considered the most commonly grown citrus fruit in the world: the orange. The fruit, which originates from Asia, not only tastes delicious, but is also an important source of nutrients for the human body. Why not only the fruit itself, but especially the freshly squeezed juice is particularly healthy and why you should regularly reach for our liquid gold in the upcoming winter season, we explain to you here.

The orange and its vitamin C

The winter season is just around the corner: in addition to the icy cold, darkness on the way to work and on the way home, illnesses and persistent colds are always a problem. We have no prescription against the cold and darkness. However, we can play our part in protecting ourselves against viruses and other pathogens.

Vitamin C - the nutrient supplier par excellence

Vitamin C is an indispensable nutrient supplier for strengthening the immune system and shortening illnesses. Hardly any other fruit contains as
many vitamins and health-promoting substances as the orange. Since the human organism is not able to produce ascorbic acid - the scientific name for vitamin C - itself, the requirement must be met entirely through food intake. According to the German Nutrition Society, we should consume approximately 100 milligrams of vitamin C per day - this corresponds to one to two oranges, 1 bottle of LiveFresh Orange or 1 bottle of LiveFresh Orange meets Guarana. For breakfast, our juice is therefore a perfect vitamin base for the day, but also serves as a delicious energy supplier and vitamin-rich freshness kick in between.

Study confirms: Orange juice healthier than orange

According to a 2016 study conducted by the University of Hohenheim, those who prefer a pressed orange juice to the citrus fruit itself help their bodies even more, as vitamins and nutrients from the drink can be better absorbed. In addition to the already mentioned vitamin C, it is mainly carotenoids, which can be absorbed by the juice in a much larger number. Carotenoids are secondary plant substances which are not only beneficial to health, but also form the precursor of vitamin A and a protective shield against radicals. The fact that the intake of carotenoids is significantly lower in the orange is due to the indigestible dietary fibres, which are found in higher numbers in the fruit itself than in the juice.

Freshly pressed instead of highly heated

So the study proved that pasteurized or fresh orange juice is more valuable for the human body than the orange itself. However, what is not mentioned is that
vitamin C is sensitive to heat. Since almost all conventional orange juice undergoes the pasteurization process, valuable vitamins and nutrients are killed along with bacteria. But not at LiveFresh: thanks to our special manufacturing process, our juices are cold-pressed and never heated. This means that we retain all the important vitamins and nutrients of the freshly squeezed juice for several weeks and combine them with the higher number of carotenoids in our bottles than in oranges.

In order to get through the upcoming winter as healthy and vital as possible, we recommend that you always reach for orange products. In which form is ultimately up to you. Our little vitamin bombs are certainly a perfect solution for everyday life.