Alkoholfreier Aperfall Spritz

Non-alcoholic Aperfall Spritz

Fancy a fruity, tangy drink, even on the coldest days of the year? Then try our Aperfall Spritz! Not only is it super tasty and easy to prepare, it also provides you with plenty of vitamin C. So you can get through the cold days of the year tasty and healthy.

Preparation: 2min.

Preparation: 3 min.

Total time: 5 min.

Cuisine/Origin: Regional

Ingredients (1 jar):

40ml rhubarb juice

80ml Gold Rausch Livfresh

80ml Happy Lemon Livefresh

50ml apple juice Livefresh

50ml sparkling water

One slice of pear

Cinnamon and erythritol to decorate

Handful of ice cream 



  1. First mix everything together

  2. Now moisten the rim of the glass with an orange slice and then dip into the cinnamon erythritol mixture

  3. Finally, fill the glass with ice, top up with the drink and decorate with the pear slice

  4. Enjoy!

Nutritional values (per 100g):


17g carbohydrates

0,8g protein

0,3g fat

Recipe video:

@daskochduolivefresh Cocktails in the fall? Definitely with our alcohol-free AperFall Spritz. 🍹 #autumnvibes #mocktails #drinks #livefresh ♬ Lil Boo Thang - Paul Russell



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