Ingwer – Gesund und vielseitig

Ginger - healthy and versatile

India is the main producer of ginger

Ginger is one of the family of ginger family and is a tropical spice plant. Growing in the tropics and subtropics of Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands are suspected as the original home of the ginger. When a spice has been grown in East Asia for thousands of years, ginger also looks back on a long tradition as a medicinal plant. While the largest sales markets are located in the United States and England, India can describe themselves as the largest ginger producer. The South Asian state makes around half of the entire world anthlete.

Ginger spicy fabrics as a trademark

Especially in the rootstock of the ginger, there are effective ingredients such as essential oils. In addition, the sharp fabrics gingerole and shogaole can also be found here, which give the ginger its typical taste.

The well -known documentary series Galileo also analyzed the miracle root in an interesting report.

The special ginger grade in your food

The versatile use that ginger brings is truly impressive. Whether in lemonades, tea, pastries, soups, gingerbread or curry dishes: the unique taste of ginger gives your drink or food a special touch. With dry and cool storage in the fridge, the ginger root has a lifespan of about two to three weeks.

 NEW: LIVEFResh ginger shots

We at LiveFresh also took advantage of the versatility of ginger and thus expanded our product portfolio. In addition to our cold -pressed juices, we wanted to create other products that stand out from the mass of drinks and are still very healthy. The result is our ginger shots (60ml) in the varieties of ginger-orange turmeric lemon and ginger apple cayenne limette. Pressed ginger refined with other natural ingredients result in an unmistakable taste. Convince yourself and test our new ginger shots.

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