Veganes proteinhaltiges Pad Thai

Vegan's protein -containing Pad Thai

The Pad Thai is the Thailand national court. Thanks to its balanced composition of fresh vegetables and legumes, it is super nutritious and has a fresh taste. This recipe can also be perfectly in your preparation and follow-up of yoursJuice cure cook. You can find out how you can prepare this delicious dish yourself and what ingredients you need for this. At the bottom of the post you will find the recipe video with our cook Michi. Simply delicious!

Ingredients (2 portions):

2-3 carrots

1 zucchini

5-6 spring onions

150g mushrooms (e.g. oyster mushrooms)

1 cup of fresh green soybeans (edamame)

2-3 tablespoons of Tamari

1 teaspoon curry paste

1 tablespoon of petrol

200g wide rice noodles

1 lemon

Coconut oil


  1. Cook the rice noodles according to package insert.
  2. In the meantime, cut the carrots, the zucchini and the mushrooms into fine stripes (here, for example, a peeler is suitable for getting fine stripes). Then cut the spring onions into rings.
  3. Put some water together with a little coconut oil in a hot wok and fry the carrots in it.
  4. Then add the mushrooms, zucchini, spring onions and the green soybeans in the wok and let everything get all the way together.
  5. Delete with Tamari and stir down the peanutism and the curry paste.
  6. Finally add the drained rice noodles and raise them. Align with fresh lemon and enjoy the delicious dish!

Nutritional values ​​(per serving):

500 kcal

90g of carbohydrates

7g protein

14g fat

Recipe video:


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