Vegane Energy Balls mit Datteln und Himbeeren

Vegane Energy Balls with dates and raspberries

Are you looking for a vegan, fruity snack for in between, which you can prepare in a few steps? Then we have exactly the right thing for you. Find out in our contribution how you can conjure up delicious vegan energy balls with dates and raspberries from a few ingredients. At the bottom of the post you will also find the right recipe video to imitate.

Ingredients (approx. 20 energy balls):

200g dattles

100g raspberries

100g oatmeal

30g grated coconut

5G chia seeds

2 tm almondmus


Shatter all ingredients using a mixer. Then shape the same large balls from the mass. Finally, you can decorate them according to your taste, for example with coconut flashing.

Nutritional values ​​per energyball:

65.6 kcal

10g of carbohydrates

1.2g protein

1.9g fat

In order to maintain a healthy diet in the long term, use one3, 5 or 7 days of juice cure And lay the foundation for a healthier & more conscious way of life. Then you can perfectly incorporate this snack into your everyday life due to the great nutritional values.

Recipe video:


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