Veganer Rote Beete Salat

Vegan beetroot salad

The perfect change to classic leaf salads: a vegan beetroot salad. No matter whether in summer or in winter, this salad always works! We not only have a delicious recipe for you, we also show you what behind the Superfood tuber beetroot If you should do without it and what different consumption options there are.

Our recipe for you: vegan beetroot salad

Red bed is not for everyone, since some don't like the earthy, sometimes slightly "musty" taste. However, we add in our recipe through the apple one Fruity sweetness In addition, which rounds off the whole thing, as well as the crisp nut pieces. And so it arises with thatvegan beetroot salad a great little dish, which is both asgarnish, But also as Healthy snack suitable. Have fun cooking!

Preparation time: 5 min.

Preparation time: 10 min.

Total time: 15 minutes.

Kitchen/origin: German

Ingredients (4 portions):

4 tubers beetroot (cooked)

250g vegan grill cheese

1 apple (sour)

2 tablespoons of peanuts

1 handful of pecans

1 handful of cranberrys

2 tablespoons of pomegranate seeds

Organic lemon

Fresh parsley

olive oil

½ tl agave juice



1TL paprika powder


  1. First wash the apple and cut into small cubes with the red beds into small approx. 1.5 cm thick
  2. Next cut the vegan grill cheese into small pieces and season with a little olive oil, paprika powder, salt and pepper
  3. Now put the grill cheese in a preheated pan and fry them golden yellow from all sides, then set aside and let cool
  4. Then put the peanuts and the pecans in a pan without oil and let it roast a little
  5. Next put all the ingredients in a bowl and season with olive oil, lemon juice, ½ tablespoon, salt and pepper
  6. Finally arrange on a plate and top with fresh parsley
  7. Enjoy your meal!

Nutritional values ​​(per serving):

560 kcal

34g carbohydrates

26g protein

24g fat

Recipe video:

That is behind the superfood bulb beetroot

Beetroot, also known as red beet, has from September to March season, whereby there is already an early variety in late summer. You can buy beetroot in the supermarket or at every weekly market. Make sure that the beet is not too big and thick, because it could be woody. It applies: The smaller, the more delicate.

Did you know that the beds too different colours are? In addition to the deep red beds, the white and yellow varieties are also known. This gives your salad a great color variation! In terms of taste, these differed only slightly from the red bed, they are a little more sweet.

Therefore, beetroot is so healthy

the Superfood tuber beetroot is rich in vitamin B, potassium, iron and folic acid. As a result, it has a blood -cleaning effect, deacidifies the organism, lowers high blood pressure and stimulates your metabolism. The secondary plant substances also strengthen your immune system and have an anti -inflammatory effect. Especially raw or as a juice be pressed the Nutrients well preserved And you can optimally use the healthy effects of the red beds. But also cooked is still the beet very healthy to you!

Do you want to make your diet healthier in the long term? Lay your foundation for a healthier and more conscious way of life with one 3, 5 or 7 days of juice cure. The vegan beetroot salad is perfect as a healthy recipe for a healthy everyday life after your juice cure.

For whom beetroot is not suitable for

While most adults can tolerate them without any problems People who have kidney disorders or tend to form kidney stones, the beet better do not eat raw. The Superfood tuber beetroot contains a lot of oxalic acid that inhibits the calcium intake of your body. However, there is the possibility that you cook the tuber, because this significantly drops the oxalic acid content.

Also children should Eat beetroot raw only in moderation, because the harmless nitrate contained in the beet can convert into nitrite if the steam is made incorrectly. This fabric is harmless to adults in a small amount, but it can hinder oxygen transport in the blood for infants and toddlers. Pregnant women should Likewise on consumption From nitrats -rich vegetables waive.

Consumption options - that is that versatile beetroot

Basically, you can store the beetroot well and for a long time, it is important to be a dark, dry and cool place. The beet is not suitable for freezing, it should be cooked beforehand.

In a delicious dish you can Beetroot in raw and cooked form use. You prefer one more milder taste, then cooking the Beetroot For now for 30-40 minutes in boiling salt waterat all. With a little vinegar or lemon juice in the cooking water, it becomes a little more aromatic. When cooking the red beds, it is important that you cook the beet with intact shell, otherwise the beetroot would "bleed out" and lose the radiant color. After cooking, you can scare the beetroot with cold water and then easily remove the shell with a knife. Use disposable gloves because the juice of the red beds rubbed off strongly. Tip: If something goes wrong, you get the red spots with lemon juice safely from your hands.

Also raw Tastes beetroot excellently, for example, cut and marinated as carpaccio.

There are also beetroot as Finished cooked and vacuumed to buy. You no longer have to cook them and can process the superfood tuber directly.

Frequently asked questions about beetroot:  

How do you peel beetroot?

Use a sharp knife, preferably not with wave cut. A knife with wave cut would seriously injure the meat of the red beds. The juice would leave and color everything red. Feel free to take a peeler and strip the skin from the tuber for stripes.

When are there fresh beetroot?

Beetroot is in Germany Classic winter vegetables. The new harvest Come off September on the market and is Available until spring. but also in the Summertime Is the beet now fresh available.

Can you eat beetroot every day?

Eating beetroot every day can help the accumulation of To reduce fat in your liver. This is due to the betain, which, by the way, can only be found in spinach and quinoa. This means that the beet not only promotes the liver function, it reduced the cholesterol and reduced also the Liver size.

Is too much beetroot harmful?

In addition to many great ingredients, the Superfood tuber beetroot also contains oxalic acid. If you consume too much of it, kidney stones can arise. In addition, the acidity makes it difficult for your body to record calcium. When you cook the beet, it lowers its oxalic acid content.

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