Vegane Low Carb-Wraps

Vegan low carb wraps

Really healthy wraps with couscous: instead of wheat wraps, the filling is simply rolled up in lettuce leaves. Incredibly tasty, 100% vegan and super healthy! The vegan low-carb wraps are a perfect dish to start the new year. Try it out and cook it straight away! 

Preparation: 5 min.

Preparation: 5 min.

Total time: 10 min.

Cuisine/Origin: Regional

Ingredients (12 portions):

150g couscous

1 bell bell pepper

1 tin of black beans

1 can of corn

Soy yogurt

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 tsp sweet paprika powder

chili flakes

½ bunch flat-leaf parsley

romaine lettuce or iceberg lettuce



1 large red onion

1 lime


  1. First prepare the couscous according to the packet instructions - use vegetable stock instead of water
  2. Then cut the onion and bell pepper into small cubes
  3. Wash the corn and beans thoroughly and set aside
  4. Now fry the onions and peppers briefly in a little oil in a hot pan, add the corn, beans and spices too
    Tip: As a secret ingredient, we recommend vegan yogurt, which you are welcome to add 
  5. Meanwhile, wash and drain the salad
  6. Now add the couscous to the pan, add the parsley and mix everything together well
  7. Finally, pour the mixture into the salad bowls, top with yogurt, herbs and a squeeze of lime. Ready to go! 

With these great nutritional values, the vegan low carb wraps are perfect for integrating into a healthy diet. Are you finding it difficult to get started with a more conscious lifestyle? Here's another insider tip: getting started is easier with a 3,5 or 7 days juice cleanse!

Nutritional values (per 100g):

104.2 kcal

13.8g carbohydrates

5.6g protein

2g fat

Recipe video:


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