Burned almonds

Our Burned almonds You can easily do it yourself. We show you how you can prepare them so that they taste as much as from the fun fair or even better! You absolutely have to try that!

Preparation: 15 min.

Preparation: 30 min.

Total time: 45 min.

Kitchen/origin: Orient

Ingredients (1 serving):

200g almonds

100g sugar

100ml water

1 PCK. Vanilla sugar

½ TL cinnamon

½ TL sea salt


  1. First put the sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and sea salt together in a pan and mix a little.
  2. Now add the water and bring it to the boil without stirred.
  3. Then add the almonds and continue to cook on a high level with constant stirring until the water evaporates and the sugar becomes dry.
  4. Now reduce the temperature a bit and continue to stir until the sugar begins to melt easily and the almonds shine a little.
  5. Finally, pour the almonds on a baking sheet, pull them apart with two forks and let it cool.

Nutritional values ​​(per serving):

582 Kcal

41g carbohydrates

15g protein

38g fat

Recipe video: