Vegan kimchi

With thisvegan kimchi You succeed in making the production of the Famous herb in no time. Anyone who has ever tried Kimchi gets this unique taste no longer out of the head. Kimchi is in Korea What is sauerkraut in Germany. The homemade herb is made from high -quality vegetables. It is probiotic, gluten -free and can be great as a tasty starter Or spicy garnish serve. In addition, this gentle recipe is suitable for the Juice cure Preparation, but also for follow -up. Feel free to try out the recipe!

Preparation: 5 min.

Preparation: 20 min.

Total time: 25 min.

Fermentation time: 21 days

Kitchen/origin: Korea

Ingredients (5 portions):

½ Chinese cabbage

1 ½ carrots

½ medium -sized white radish

½ bunch of spring onions

1 small onion

10g fresh garlic

15g fresh ginger

½ apple

10g chilli flakes

1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce



1-2 Mason ball glasses or comparable fermentation vessels


  1. First cut the Chinese cabbage into bite -sized pieces
  2. Next, grate the carrots and the radish and cut the spring onions into rings
  3. Now weigh your entire vegetables and take 2% salt from the weight - i.e. on 1kg of vegetables, 20g salt come
  4. Now knead the salt carefully with the vegetables, so that the cell fluid escapes slowly and the vegetables are in their own juice
  5. Then puree the garlic, the ginger, the onion, the apple, the chilli and the soy sauce together in a blender into a paste. (Add some water if necessary)
  6. Now add the paste to the vegetables and mix everything, taste again whether it is salty enough
  7. Now layer the kimchi layer by layer in your glass and press each individual layer so that the liquid is nicely covered. Leave about 3cm of space to the upper edge so that the herb does not overflow when fermenting
  8. It is important that everything is covered with liquid and there are no air bubbles in the glass
  9. Then close the glass and let it stand in the kitchen for the first 5-7 days at room temperature so that the fermentation gets going well
  10. After that, the kimchi has to be in a cooler place, preferably in the fridge, so that it doesn't get angry
  11. After about 2-3 weeks the kimchi is ready to taste!
A notice: It stays in the fridge for several months.

    Nutritional values ​​(per serving):

    55 kcal

    9g carbohydrates

    2g protein

    1g fat

    Recipe video: