Sport in den Alltag einbauen - Tipps und Übungen

Install sport in everyday life - tips and exercises

Are you one of the people who have no time (or desire) in regular training in the gym? Jogging and other sports don't really irritate you? Your everyday work is exhausting enough? Then try to incorporate sport into your everyday life! Sports activities in everyday life keep fit and healthy and inspire your body and mind. Here you will find 4 tips and tricks for sports in everyday life as well as 5 sport exercises that you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

4 tips and tricks for sports in everyday life

Tip 1: Install more movement in your everyday life

The first and most important tip: try to incorporate movement into your everyday life. Movement gets your crause run going, is fun and burns calories. So about 12,000 steps a hour's jogging corresponds to. It is not for nothing that 10,000 steps a day are considered a guideline that should be covered. Various studies state that at least 10,000 steps can improve sleep quality every day and reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Another plus is that movement, e.g. in the form of 10,000 steps, can be easily integrated into everyday life. You don't need sports clothing, just a bit of motivation.

You can now implement the following tricks for more movement in everyday life:
  1. How often do you take the car for short distances? Think about whether you can go on foot. As a nice side effect, you also save money.
  2. If you drive more routes by car and reach a parking space at your destination, choose the parking lot that is far from the actual meeting point or input.
  3. Do you drive on public transport? Then next time a station will get out and run the rest.
  4. Try it in the (lunch) break with a walk. Walking also clears your head and gets the circulation going.
  5. Climb stairs. Leaps and escalators are taboo from now on.
  6. Take a walk with your friends instead of a walk instead of in the next café or the after -work beer. When walking together, it is really easy to chat and together the time and kilometers only fly there.
  7. The same applies to the phone: run around while you make calls. This often makes your voice appear more powerful.

These tips are a minimal change in everyday life with a great effect. Almost unnoticed you collect steps and promote your health and well -being.

Tip 2: Each unit counts

The second tip is that every unit counts. Even if you don't feel like, no time or energy, try to buy up at least for an exercise or a walk. Every unit is better than not a unit. With the idea of ​​just wanting to do one exercise or just a walk, it is easier to start and five minutes in between you can always take yourself. Once you started, the motivation often comes all by itself and you don't want to stop.

Tip 3: Plan your sport as a "me-time"

The third tip is: see your sport as an important “me-time” and plan it into your calendar. Your sport in everyday life is as important as appointments or professional appointments. If you can implement sport better through fixed times in everyday life, use them and defend times compared to other appointments.

Tip 4: Have fun what you do

Last but not least: have fun what you do. With fun with sport, the motivation comes all by itself. If you enjoy sport in everyday life, you usually struggle more during the exercises. This in turn benefits your body, because the more intensely you do the sporting activities, the more the so -called afterburn effect is activated. The afterburning effect means that after intensive training, your metabolism runs at full speed up to 48 hours after, even if you relax. So find your personal sport activities for everyday life that you enjoy the most.

5 simple sport exercises for your everyday life

With the following 5 exercises you can do effective full body training and all with your own body weight. The good thing about the exercises is that you can do them independently of place and time. Already twenty minutes are sufficient to see long -term success and progress. You can also easily do the sporting activities in front of the television, brush your teeth or cook. You do not need equipment for the exercise, depending on the taste, possibly only one mat. It is recommended that you build your sporting activities every other day to keep yourself fit and at the same time have enough time for regeneration. Muscles grow during breaks. This means that only if your body can rest can he build muscle.

1. Plank

Planks are now very popular and known and can be found on social media or in various fitness challenges. No wonder, because the exercise is highly efficient. As a beginner, you can train your entire abdominal and back muscles in a run of just 30 seconds. Your muscles in the shoulders and arms also benefit from the exercise. And this is how it works: You lie flat on the floor with your face. Bring the forearms to the floor parallel to the body. Put in your stomach and tie it on. Put on your feet and press up under complete body tension so that you support your body on your feet and forearms. Head, shoulders, stomach, buttocks and legs form a line. Your gaze is directed down. Keep this position.

2. Wall seat

Well, do you still know this exercise from physical education? Place your feet for a step from a wall and press the entire back onto the wall. The arms hang down easily during the exercise. Now slide down from this position with your back on the wall until your knee form a 90 degree angle. You may have to slide a little further forward with your feet. Press your entire back and especially your lower back against the wall. The knees point forward. You hold this position as long as you can or want. A great training for your leg and gluten muscles.

3. squats

Kniebugen, also known as “squats”, belong to the basic exercises in strength training and are incredibly effective to train the muscles in the legs and on the buttocks. This is how it works: stand there. Your weight is stored on the entire foot, which holds completely ground contact all the time. Tense your stomach and back. Hold your back throughout the entire exercise. Now bend your knees and take your buttocks down, as if you would sit on an imaginary chair. Keep this position a short moment before you get up into the upright starting position with your leg power.

4. alternating leg lifting lying down

This exercise is an integral part of simple and at the same time efficient training of the lower abdominal muscles. Lie on your back and hold your legs up at a 90-degree angle. Pull the tips of the toe towards the body and try to stretch the legs completely. The arms lie stretched up to the head during the exercise parallel to the body or in a U shape. Press the entire back on the floor and tense your stomach. Slow one leg slowly and checked to the floor without taking it completely and then lifting the leg back into the starting position. The other leg remains at the top right angle to the upper body. Repeat the laying and lifting alternately with the right and left leg. Make sure that you do not carry the exercise out of your gut with swing, but with the strength. It is also very important that there is no gap between your lower back and the floor when lowering the legs. Shortly before your back falls into a hollow cross, you should end the downward movement and raise your leg again.

5. Mountain Climber

The Mountain Climber exercise is an ideal full body exercise. Similar to the Plank exercise, you start in a lying starting position with your face. Then you press up in a horizontal position so that only your palms and your footpaths touch the floor. The arms are stretched. The position is also called high plank. The head should form an extension to your back. Place your feet on the hip width and now pull your knees alternately and as quickly as possible towards the middle of the body, i.e. towards your elbow. One leg is always stretched out and the other is bent. The exercise equal to a leap. You determine the pace - the faster you pull your knees forward, the more exhausting, but also more intense and efficient, the exercise is. Make sure that your back stays as straight as possible during the execution.

Try the tips & exercises directly and incorporate them into your everyday life. Once started, it is guaranteed to be easier for you! In everyday life, in addition to sufficient exercise, nutrition naturally also plays a crucial role in your well -being. Support your body with our cold -pressed juices & shots. You too can easily incorporate them into your everyday life and they provide you with many important nutrients and vitamins. Here you come to the juices & shots!

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