High Protein Bananen Pancakes

High protein banana pancakes

Fancy some delicious banana pancakes? Then go on, try them out now! Everyone loves these banana pancakes! The simple batter is quick to make, fluffy, moist and sweet. With the extra protein, the perfect snack for your day.

Preparation: 2 min.

Preparation: 8 min.

Total time: 10 min.

Cuisine/Origin: USA

Ingredients (1 serving):

150g Skyr

1 egg

30g spelt flour

10g LiveFresh Protein mix vanilla

15g erythritol

1 banana

Msp. baking powder


  1. First mix together all the ingredients except the banana

  2. Now cut the banana into small pieces, dip in the batter and place in a hot pan

  3. Once the batter is golden brown, arrange on a plate and enjoy with toppings of your choice if desired


Nutritional values (per portion):


28g carbohydrates

32g protein

8g fat

Recipe video:


@daskochduolivefresh Breakfast from heaven, so to speak! 🤩 soo delicious. 🥞 #einfacherezepte #gesunderezepte #einfachesnacks #gesundesnacks #highprotein #livefresh ♬ Taste - Tyga


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