Turmeric Curry -vegan Bowl - 400g

30g protein/444kcal
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Premium quality through blast freezing

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From the nutritionist Dr. Ulrike Fischer developed on a scientific basis.

Dr. Ulrike Fischer

✔ Only 360 kcal per serving
✔ 30g protein I 40G carbohydrates

Nutritional values ​​per 100g:

energy 465kj/111kcal
Fat 4G
of it. Fatty acids 1.4g
carbohydrates 10g
of which sugar 3G
protein 7.5g
Salt 0.9g

Ingredients: seasoned sliced ​​meat on the basis of wheat and peas white (22%) (water, wheat egg, sunflower oil, pea protein, thickening agent (methylcellulose, konjak, processed euchuma algae), wheat flour, spices, natural aroma (contains wheat), brandy vinegar, garlic, Potato strength, antioxidant (ascorbic acid)), chickpeas (16%), red onions (12.5%), water, tomatoes, pumpkin (6%), green beans (5.5%), coconut milk (4.5%) ( Coconut extract, water), mango (4.5%), onions, savoy cabbage, cooked wild rice (1.8%) (wild rice, water, dining salt), spices, dining salt, tomato paste, rapeseed oil, sugar, garlic, modified starch, paprika, Lemon grass, lemon juice concentrate, lime leaves. Can contain traces of milk, egg and celery.;

Energy 465 KJ/111 kcal;
Fat 4.0 g;
saturated fatty acids 1.4g;
Carbohydrates 10g;
Of which sugar 3.0g;
Protein 7.5g;
Salt 0.90g

The special:

    Few calories, more protein.

    Our vegan bowls have a maximum of 500kcal and a high protein content, so they are perfect for building muscle or losing weight.

    Less carbohydrates.

    Our vegan bowls have fewer carbohydrates than most meals you eat in everyday life.

    Plant-based protein.

    With plant-based protein, you're doing your body good and supporting a sustainable diet without sacrificing important nutrients.

    Prepared in less than 9min.

    Quick & easy: The vegan bowls are prepared in a maximum of 9 minutes and are suitable for the pan and microwave.

Turmeric Curry -vegan Bowl - 400g

Enjoy our delicious turmeric curry with vegan chicken, wild rice and crunchy vegetables. Creamy, seasoned and with 100% natural ingredients - your taste experience for a cozy dinner! Try it out and be thrilled!

Healthy bowls for your goals.

Supports muscle building & maintenance
Less carbs, more protein for optimal satiety
Ideal for achieving your nutritional goals

Freshly shock-frozen.

Thanks to innovative blast freezing technology, we preserve the flavor, nutritional content and consistency of our ingredients for you. Lightning-fast cooling to -40°C within just 1-2 minutes of harvesting preserves freshness and quality unsurpassed.