Iron Shot - Vegan & Cold Pressed¹ - 60ml

Cover your daily requirement of iron in a natural way.
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Klimaneutrales Produkt
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From the nutritionist Dr. Ulrike Fischer developed on a scientific basis.

Dr. Ulrike Fischer

Covers 100% of your daily iron requirement.

We have developed a functional iron shot in collaboration with our nutrition expert Dr Ulrike Fischer, which is vegan and 100% natural. With this we would like to give you the opportunity to secure your iron balance in a natural way.

Dietary supplements with iron - durable
Made by high pressure.

Ingredients: pineapple juice (61%),
Mangomark (20%), orange juice (17%), curryblatte extract,
Acerola extract (0.2%)

Average nutritional values ​​in 100 ml:
Energy 215kj / 51kcal
Fat 0g
saturated fatty acids 0G
Carbohydrates 13G
Of which sugar 12g
Protein 0g
Salt 0g
Iron 20mg (179%)
Vitamin C 25mg (31%**)
** nutrient reference values ​​of the reference amount
Consumption: drink 1 shot a day.
The specified recommended daily consumption quantity
must not be crossed. 1 shot contains 15mg
Iron (107% of the NRV).

Iron in the shot:

+ contributes to a normal oxygen supply in the body
+ contributes to a normal cognitive function
+ contributes to reducing fatigue and fatigue
+ contributes to a normal function of the immune system
+ contributes to a normal energy metabolism
+ has a function in cell division

With a bottle you achieve this effect.
Dietary supplements
are not a substitute for a balanced and
Varied nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
The product outside the range of children

What do we need iron for?

The trace element iron is involved in the formation of red blood cells and oxygen transport in the body. It is found in almost every body cell and plays a central role in the body's energy metabolism. Iron can reduce fatigue and fatigue and also supports brain functions and memory. Since it positively influences many different body functions, it also has an effect on the function of the immune system.

Can too much iron be absorbed?

If the body has a lower need for iron or the iron stores are sufficiently filled, the iron absorption from food automatically drops. In the event of a sufficient iron supply, the body builds on aatural barrier in the intestinal, so that an iron overload due to too much iron from the food cannot occur in a healthy person. However, there are people with coaching diseases that too much iron can take.

What options do we have to cover our needs?

Iron is a vital trace element and must be supplied with food. For a long time, animal iron could be better absorbed than herbal. However, recent studies show that this is only the case if the iron occurs in the plant composite with inhibiting substances, such as with phytics or oxalates. Accordingly, recent research that plant iron sources, such as from curry leaves, can very well be used to cover the iron requirement. It could be proven that by taking iron with the help of curry leaf extract, both the iron content in the red blood cells (HB value) and in the memory form (ferritin) could be increased. In addition, the side effects known from iron preparations, such as constipation or diarrhea, do not occur in the bio -available iron plant source.

Should I have my iron level measured?

The iron level does not necessarily have to be determined. During pregnancy, he is commonly determined by the doctor. If you belong to the risk group for an iron deficiency and have concerns that you do not cover your iron requirement through nutrition, the iron shot is well suited. In the event of sufficient iron supply, the body builds up a barrier in the intestine, so that it can no longer be absorbed (unless the iron storage disease is available). However, if you show clear signs of anemia or have other previous illnesses, you should definitely consult your doctor in order to be able to initiate further accompanying therapy if necessary.

Shots with function.

Our cold-pressed ginger shots always cover 100% of the daily requirement of the contained vitamin or micronutrient.

Cold pressed¹ & not heated.

All ingredients are pressed daily. Unlike many products, this allows us to retain a large number of the vitamins in the shot and achieve the maximum effect of the substances.

Packaging made from old PET bottles.

We use 100% recycled PET bottles for our shots. Currently the most sustainable solution for drinks!

100% vegan and of course.

This is how you cover your daily requirement of iron.

✔ No preparation. No pill. No capsule.
✔ 100% natural iron from the curry plant.
✔ A shot covers your daily requirement of iron.
✔ Take a routine every day.

Scientifically developed.

Shots designed for your body.

Our ginger shots are developed by our nutritionist Dr. Ulrike Fischer. This way we make 100% sure that all shots have a noticeable function for your body.

100% homemade.

How are our shots made?

You have often asked yourself how ginger is actually pressed? We give you a little insight into our production and explain to you how the miracle root is processed into cold-pressed juice every day!

We stand behind our shots!

We at LiveFresh also love our shots.

There is no large corporation behind LiveFresh. We are a small juice company from Lake Constance and are proud that we can help so many people to a healthier themselves!

Unique production.

Conventional juices on the market are mostly pasteurized and thus lose their important vitamins & flavor even before bottling. Unlike conventional juices, our juice is cold pressed, i.e. not exposed to harmful heat at any time (pasteurized), so that many important nutrients and vitamins are preserved. Our juice is bottled cold directly after pressing and therefore never comes into contact with heat.

Packaging made from 100% rPET.

Sustainability is important to us.

Our new rPET bottles already have a long life behind them. They are made from recycled PET bottles, which helps reduce waste production. You can dispose of them in the yellow bag without worrying. They find their way back to us as a new bottle.

Unterschied zwischen einer normalen PET Flasche und einer recycelten rPET Flasche. Die PET Flasche ist deutlich heller als die rPET Flasche

Who is behind LiveFresh?

Hi, we are Simon & Benedikt. As self-proclaimed juice engineers, we have been producing functional cold-pressed juices & shots since 2016 to make the world a bit healthier and more conscious. Since we built our own production from the beginning, we both stand 100% behind the quality and freshness of our products.

- Simon & Benedict


Our expert Tara is there for you.

Tara - LiveFresh expert on the subject of shots. You can contact her on weekdays between 8:30-17 o'clock by phone or simply write via WhatsApp.

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