Ginger Face Challenge

Show me your ginger face!

Are you also fed up with the cold, wet weather? Are you longing for warmth and sun rays?

Then take our Gingerface Challenge Part and profits
one 3-day trip to Barcelona for 2 people!

Drink our sharpest shot ginger storm (contains Cayenne Pfeffer) or our Shot turmeric power - film yourself and show us your ginger face!

Become curious? Then you should definitely read on now!

How do you take part in the competition?

1. Make the challenge and film yourself.
2. Share the video of the Challenge on Instagram or Facebook.
3. Use #livefreshchallenge and link @livefreshjuice
4. Nominiere 1 friend who is also supposed to take part in the challenge.

Your possible profit:
A 3-day trip to Barcelona

We are giving away a 3-day trip to Barcelona for 2 people from all uploaded videos. The appointment is arranged individually with the winner.

Get Shot now & Upload video on Facebook or Instagram