The 11 most common questions about the juice cure

You will soon start with your juice cure, are you right in the middle or have a juice cure and have a few more open questions? Here we collect the most important information and give you answers to the 11 most common questions about our juice cure.

1. What does a juice cure do?

There are many reasons why you should make a juice cure. On the one hand, you can see the juice cure as a start to change your diet and to take off bad eating habits. Through a juice cure, for example, you will get to know your hunger and satiety again and you can better distinguish when you are really hungry or whether you only run to the fridge out of boredom and habit and are looking for a snack. This allows you Change your diet in the long term and achieve your goals. You can also treat your body or intestine with the juice cure and the absence of solid food. This not only enables your body to take a break, but it can also focus on other things during this time, such as the autophagy (=natural recycling process of the human body).

2. Do I take the juice cure?

Leaving weight can be a positive side effect of the juice cure, which is often also liquid. Nevertheless, a juice cure should not be confused with a crash diet. Rather, it is the bad eating habits that you lose through a juice cure that leads to weight loss in the long term. So it is crucial for the long -term success of the juice cure how you eat afterwards. More tips and information, Which diet is the right one for you could be and what Clean eating, Paleo, low carb or Keto nutrition Means you can find in our blog posts.

3. How do I prepare for the juice cure?

Good preparation can save you during the juice cure, such as headaches, hunger or dizziness. Avoid rich food, fast food as well as sweets and alcohol about 2-3 days before your juice cure. Start cooking light food, such as soups, salads, steamed vegetables and fish. As a little help you will find delicious recipes in our juice cure Guide, which is included with every juice cure. You will also find numerous recipes on our Instagram channel @livefreshjuice or on our Blog - News & Juice. But of course it is not a must to cook these recipes, you can also choose your own recipes. More information about Why the juice cure is so importantyou can find in our blog post.

4. Can I only drink juices during the juice cure?

In addition to the juices and shots from the juice cure, you should also drink 2 L liquid. For example, water, unsweetened herbal teas and water with cucumber, lemon, rosemary or basil are ideal for this.

5. Is coffee allowed during the juice cure?

You achieve the optimal result if you do without coffee during the cure. This also relieves your body. If you don't endure it without coffee, then limit yourself to a black coffee without sugar and milk. In order not to withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, during the cure It is also advisable The coffee consumption Already 1 week before the juice cure Reduce step by step.

6. Can I do a juice cure during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

We advise you to do a juice cure during pregnancy or lactation. The juice cure is a form of fasting and you do not get enough energy or calories and nutrients for you and your child during the juice cure. Usually a calorie deficit is the desired effect, but this is not healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, there is nothing against drinking our juices in addition to normal nutrition. Also is our Iron shot or our Iron Shot Kur particularly suitable during this phase of life. However, you should only enjoy the shots with ginger in small quantities, as ginger can trigger contractions.

7. Can I do sports during the juice cure?

In general, it is not forbidden to do sports during the cure. In addition, every body reacts differently to sport during the juice cure. Through the calorie deficit during the juice cure(but does not have to) reduce your energy, which is why you shouldn't expect too much yourself. Listen to your body and slowly feel the stress and sport. You will recognize yourself whether you can do sports during the juice cure or whether you prefer to take a day off. More about the most important information about sports during the juice cure, what we recommend and why do we tell you in our blog post Sport during the juice cure? You should know that.

8. Are side effects such as headaches during the juice cure?

The side effects during the juice cure can be different for each person. They depend on how you fed in front of your juice cure and how big the change is for your body. Above all headache can have 2 causes:
  • If you are a strong coffee drinker, headaches can arise from the caffeine withdrawal. To avoid this side effect, you should gradually reduce coffee consumption 1 week before the juice cure and get your body used to it
  • Headaches can also arise from an electrolyte deficiency. A vegetable broth or a glass of lemon water with salt helps.

9. What should I do if I feel hunger during the juice cure?

It is particularly possible to feel hunger on day 1. In contrast, a lot helps to drink. Above all, warm drinks, such as tea or a vegetable broth, can prevent hunger. If you have the feeling that you can no longer stand it, you can use so-called emergency snacks, such as a banana, avocado or nuts. They stabilize your body. It is best to avoid hunger with good juice treatment. In our blog post The feeling of hunger and satiety - the facts You can find out more general and helpful information about this topic.

10. What do I do with the bottles after the juice cure?

Our 250ml bottles have had a deposit since January 2022. After the juice cure, bring them to the next deposit machine and make sure that they are added even easier to the recycling cycle. As usual, you can dispose of our 60ml shot bottles in the recycling collection (yellow sack/ton). So they also come back to the RPET cycle.

11. The package was in the parcel shop/ at the neighbor for several days. Is that bad?

No, our juices are made durable with an innovative high -pressure process and are therefore very robust. The juices do not harm the juices for a few days without cooling. If you still want to be on the safe side, the following features will show you whether a juice has already become bad:

  • The shape of the bottle changes. It is no longer square, but bloated and round.
  • You can perceive or sparkle when opening the bottle.
  • The juice smells and tastes fermented

If all of this is not the case, the juices are still drinkable. If you would like to learn more about the best way to eat our juices & shots, please over on our blog post: To durability our juices & shots - 5 tests for review. You will learn more about tips and tests that show whether your juices are still edible - including explanatory video!

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