Die 12 häufigsten Fragen zur Saftkur

The 12 most frequently asked questions about juice cleanse

You will soon be starting your juice cleanseare already in the middle of it or are planning a juice cleanse to do one and still have a few unanswered questions? Here we collect the most important information and give you answers to the 12 most frequently asked questions about our juice cleanse. 

1. what does a juice cleanse?

There are many reasons why you should juice cleanse should do. On the one hand, you can juice cleanse as a start to change your diet and to get rid of bad eating habits. Through a juice cleanse you will, for example, get to know your feelings of hunger and satiety again and will be able to better distinguish when you are really hungry or whether you are just running to the fridge out of boredom and habit in search of a snack. This will enable you to change your diet in the long term and achieve your goals. You can also your body or gut with the help of the juice cleanse and the avoidance of solid foods. This not only gives your body a break, but also allows it to focus on other things during this time, such as autophagy (the human body's natural recycling process).

2. juice cleanse lose weight?

Weight loss can be a positive side effect of the juice cleanse although this often involves liquids. Nevertheless, a juice cleanse should not be confused with a crash diet. Rather, it is the bad eating habits that can be overcome by a juice cleanse lose, which long-term weight loss in the long term. Decisive for the long-term success of thejuice cleanse is therefore, how you eat afterwards. Further tips and information, which diet is right for you could be and what Clean EatingPaleoLow carb or Keto diet can be found in our blog posts. 

3. how do I prepare for the juice cleanse prepare?

Good preparation can help you during thejuice cleanse side effects such as headaches, hunger or dizziness. About 2-3 days before your juice cleanse rich food, fast food, sweets and alcohol. Start cooking light meals such as soups, salads, steamed vegetables and fish. For a little help, you can find delicious recipes in our juice cleanse guide, which goes with every juice cleanse is enclosed. You can also find numerous recipes on our Instagram channel @livefreshjuice or on our Blog - News & Juice. But of course you don't have to cook exactly these recipes, you can also choose your own recipes. Further information, why the juice cleanse preparation and follow-up are so important is so important, can be found in our blog post. 

4. am I allowed to use the juice cleanse only drink juices?

Besides the juices and shots from the juice cleanse you should drink an additional 2 liters of liquid. Water, unsweetened herbal teas and water with cucumber, lemon, rosemary or basil are ideal for this.

5. is coffee during the juice cleanse allowed?

You will achieve the best result if you avoid coffee during the cure. This will also relieve the strain on your body. If you can't stand it without coffee at all, then limit yourself to a black coffee without sugar and milk. To avoid withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, during the cure, it is also advisable to cut out the coffee consumption 1 week before the juice cleanse Reduce step by step.

You can find more information on this topic here: Coffee during fasting.

6. can I have a juice cleanse fast during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

We advise against juice cleanse during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The juice cleanse is a form of fasting and you will be given thejuice cleanse not enough energy or calories and nutrients for you and your child. Normally, a calorie deficit is the desired effect, but this is not healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, there is nothing to be said against it our juices as a supplement to your normal diet to drink. What's more, our Eisen Shot or our Eisen Shot cure are particularly suitable during this phase of life. However, you should only enjoy the shots with ginger in small quantities, as ginger can trigger contractions.

7. juice cleanse do sport?

In general, it is not forbidden to continue exercising during the cure. In addition every body reacts differently to exercise during juice cleanse. Due to the calorie deficit during the juice cleanse can (but does not have to) reduce your energy, which is why you not expect too much of yourself yourself. Listen to your body and slowly get used to the strain and the sport. You will recognize for yourself whether you are juice cleanse can do sport or whether you would rather take a rest day. More on the most important information about sport during the juice cleansewhat we recommend and why in our blog post Sport during the juice cleanse? You should know that.

8. are side effects such as headaches during the juice cleanse normal?

The side effects during the juice cleanse can may be different for each person. to different degrees for each person. They depend on how you felt before your juice cleanse your diet and how big the change is for your body. Above all headaches can have 2 causes:

  • If you are a heavy coffee drinker Headaches due to caffeine withdrawal To avoid this side effect, you should stop drinking coffee 1 week before thejuice cleanse gradually and get your body used to it
  • Headaches can also due to an electrolyte deficiency A vegetable broth or a glass of lemon water with salt can help.

9. when should I take a juice cleanse break off?

If the side effects become disproportionately severe or you suffer from severe physical or health complaints, you can stop the juice cleanse discontinue!

The juice cleanse should be a break for you and your body and everyone reacts differently. Some people get an incredible amount of energy from day 3 onwards, other bodies don't like the break. If you are not feeling well with the cure, it is completely okay to stop. 

You should always listen to your body and the juice cleanse and really stop in good time if you are no longer up to the challenge. Try it to get started with our short 3-dayjuice cleanse. So you can slowly feel your way and find out how your body reacts to the change in diet.

Do you want to juice cleanse it is important, however, not to immediately overload your body with fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods again. Listen to your hunger pangs and only eat as much as you need. Your digestion must first slowly get used to the solid food and the increasing energy intake.

Here you can find a honest experience reportso that you can better assess what you will experience during a juice cleanse can expect: 3 days juice fasting with LiveFresh.

10. what should I do if I have to fast during the juice cleanse feel hungry during the fast?

It is particularly important on day 1 of the juice cleanse possible to feel hungry. Drinking a lot generally helps against this. Above all warm drinks, such as tea or vegetable brothcan prevent hunger. If you have the feeling that you can't stand it any longer, you can fall back on so-called emergency snackssuch as a banana, avocado or nuts. They stabilize your body. The best way to avoid hunger is with a good juice cure preparation. In our blog post the feeling of hunger and satiety - the facts you can find out more general and helpful information and tips on this topic.

11. what do I do after the juice cleanse with the bottles?

Since January 2022, our 250ml bottles have a deposit. Bring them back after thejuice cleanse to the nearest deposit machine and thus ensure that they are even easier to into the recycling cycle added to the recycling cycle. You can use our 60ml shot bottles as usual. in the recycling collection (yellow bag/bin) as usual. This way, they are also returned to the rPET cycle.

12. the parcel was in the parcel shop/at the neighbor's for several days. Is that bad?

No, our juices are delivered with a preserved using an innovative high-pressure process and are therefore very robust. A few days without refrigeration do not harm the juices. If you still want to be on the safe side, the following characteristics will show you whether a juice has already gone bad:

  • The shape of the bottle changes. It is no longer square, but puffy and round.
  • You can hear a fizzing or bubbling sound when you open the bottle.
  • The juice smells and tastes fermented

If none of this is the case, then the juices are still drinkable. If you would like to find out more about the minimum shelf life of our juices & shots, please take a look at our blog post: The shelf life of our juices & shots - 5 tests to check. You can find out more about Tips and tests that show whether your juices are still edible - including explanatory video!

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